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To the Point: A Dictionary of Concise Writing
To the Point: A Dictionary of Concise Writing

To the Point: A Dictionary of Concise Writing by Robert Hartwell Fiske

To the Point: A Dictionary of Concise Writing

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To the Point: A Dictionary of Concise Writing Robert Hartwell Fiske ebook
ISBN: 9780393347173
Publisher: Norton, W. W. & Company, Inc.
Page: 608
Format: pdf

The concept is like so: You want to look up the definition for the word "Yes" in the dictionary. For example: The Growth of Business as a Result of Mobile Phone Technology You might find it a little strange to start by thinking about your conclusion but if you have an idea of what point or points you are trying to prove before you start, you will find it easier to write your essay. Reduce the message if you have to; you can always follow up with details. Oct 2, 2013 - Here's a more concise and better introductory explanation to hash tables. There is no requirement that there only be two. Mar 25, 2009 - Since you only have 140 characters to get your message across, you're forced to dust off your dictionary and thesaurus and find new words to use—Words that are shorter, words that are more descriptive, and words that get the job done in 140 characters or less. May 26, 2014 - as 'something that you can choose instead of something else'. Economy of language is extremely important to being heard. Nov 4, 2013 - It is an adjective describing one's speech or writing; the dictionary defines it as “expressing much in few words; concise.” Its etymology stems from Laconia or Getting to the point… Get to the point. Jun 30, 2008 - If you have to choose your own, you need to remember that your title is a concise synopsis (summary) of what the essay is about. You jump straight to If your lat/long values are doubles and do a simple BETWEEN SQL query, it will likely have its search function already optimized to do this (if your query is written correctly). The OED traces the noun's history from the early seventeenth century, and in defining its various senses refers more What is the point of these usage prescriptions? You don't look through every word in a dictionary starting from A to find the words that start with Ye, correct? Be concise in your words and in your writing; before your subordinates as well as your superiors. Crafting It's almost like playing a game; trying to write a 140-character message and still get your point across in a way that inspires your followers to take action, to click on your link or to “retweet” your post. On 'swath' or 'swathe': my Concise OED 7e (1982) and my Collins Concise of the same date both give them as alternatives with no comment – as long ago as that.

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